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I have a 1990 plymouth acclaim 2.5l

hi,need help with my coil is not getting power to it or spark it would crank but it well not start i need help finding out why there is power going to it thanks

The ignition coil gets power from the ASD relay. Swap the ASD relay, in the relay box under the hood, with the horn relay. Check for spark. If still no sparks, use a test light on the dark green/black stripe wire on the coil, with ignition switch in RUN. If no power (light),suspect the ignition switch.

The dark green/black stripe wire also powers the fuel pump. If the ignition coil doesn’t get power (12 volts), the fuel pump won’t get power. Turn the ignition switch to RUN, you may be able to hear the fuel pump run for two seconds. The fuel pump is in the gas tank.

The ASD is a common cause of your problem. Proceed as hellokit stated.

However, the Hall Effect Pickup in the distributor is an even more common problem. It’s fairly inexpensive to replace.

You aslo need to verify that the distributor is turning. If it isn’t, the timing belt has broken.


If you can hear the fuel pump run for two seconds when the ignition key is turned to RUN, it’s not a bad ASD relay. The ASD relay is a standard, common, relay…about $12 at an auto parts store. Much more $ from a dealer.

If you don’t hear the fuel pump run for those two seconds, and your test light didn’t light at the dark green/black striped wire at the ignition coil, it may be the ignition switch.
You don’t have to throw parts at this problem, no matter how inexpensive.

what dose that asd relay look like?

The ASD Relay is a little plastic cube, about 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide.

my daughter has the same car and is having a on again off again starting problem. the asd relay is on the right side fender well behind the wiring harness near the to it are two similiar looking square relays.when i posted my question the other day i was given a web site to find out the diagnostic codes.

That site would be this: