Four Bulbs in Headlight Assembly?


I have a 2005 Toyota Camry. The front head light assembly appears to have four different bulbs. What is the purpose of the fourth bulb? I know that the ones furthest from the radiator on either side are turn signal bulbs, the next one is high beam and the one after that is low beam. What is the purpose of the fourth? It’s the one closest to the radiator on either side. Thanks
I have the feeling this is DRL?


Here’s a novel idea. Turn on the lights and and actually look. Would have been quicker than posting here.

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In addition to needing to have the wheels turned left or right, don’t some vehicles need to actually be moving in order for the cornering lights to come on?

They usually come on with the turn signals. And I think what Toyota calls the “corner light” is in reality the the front side marker light.