2007 Toyota Corolla lights trouble

I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla that the rear Running Lights do not turn on when engine is running but the headlight ard on, Turn signals and brake light s work which means I can drive during the day but not at night. Neighbors and I have figured it is the Running light relay but no way to make sure or could it be the computer or a fuse we don’t know of that might be bad as well?


Silly question but have you tried replacing the bulbs?

Yes we have and there is no voltage.

Okay, I figured it wouldn’t be that simple. Check the fuses if you haven’t. There are also relays behind the glovebox and it might be one of them. I’m not a mechanic and that’s all the help I can offer.

do you have instrument cluster lights and license plate lights working? if not then its the fuse #18 I think. it controls the tail lights too.

Are you counting on the automatic sensor to turn all your lights on? If so, try manually turning the light on and see if the rear light come on. A few weeks ago, at night, an SUV in front of was barely visible as their rear lights were not on. Headlights were on and the driver was clueless as they could see ahead of them.

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​Instrument cluster lights are on, license plate lights not working. Rear brakes lights work, rear turn signals work, Front running lights go on auto, turning headlight switch on does not turn on rear running lights… I have to use car before dark only.

The headlight switch Turns on the front lights, no rear lights. It seems the Daylight Running Relay might need to be replaced if only to make sure that the computer is not at faulty feeding the relay. If I had a wiring diagram to follow or buy a new one for about $400-$500. Recycle yard option for maybe a forth price. Dealer charge would be like buying a new car.

The front parking lights and taillights are powered by the same fuse and relay, you must have a wiring problem. Check for power at the joint connector on the left side of the trunk behind the trim panel, green wires for taillights.

The taillight relay above the fuse box under the right side of the dash may be bad.


The taillights have their own relay.


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This is under the dash on the right-hand side. That is where the computer is at. This is not like your picture you sent me. Thanks

Look up, to the right of the airbag you will see the junction block with the taillight relay.

It would appear even this Toyota tech isn’t sure of it’s location.



I have eight neighbors with Toyotas which I have asked if they had my problem. They said no but if I find out, to let them know so we all can share.

Is the car new to you? Is it possible somebody has monkeyed around with the dashboard switches? Like some kids who decided to turn the switches to see what happened when nobody was there? The headlight switch function on that car can be a little confusing. Make sure to carefully read the appropriate owner’s manual section before presuming something is broken.

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Confusing to whom? I own a 2009, which has a similar switch, a knob on the end of a stalk. Twist the knob and Voila! the lights come on.

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For the headlights, there are two pages with Daylight running light system.

With the switch turned one position so the dots line up, do the front parking lights illuminate?

Yes, all running lights turn on automatically. No more ​forgetting to turn on headlights.

The front of the vehicle has; headlights, parking lights and possibly fog lights. People use the term “running lights” differently. What are “running lights”?