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Ford windstar door chime sensor issue

I have a 2000 ford windstar LX. When i drive it, the door chime sensor comes on and off randomly and door starts locking unlocking. Happens more often when the road is bumpy or when i brake hard.

Per the local dealer i changed all four door actuators (the front one had stopped working) . All four door actuators are brand new and working but the issue still exists.

What should be my next steps in troubleshooting? Is there a way to simply disconnect these door chime sensor?

Any comment and feedback welcome

When the door chime on my wife’s 98 Windstar acted up, I used CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner to clean the door switches. The switches are located in the door latch. Spray the cleaner into the door latch while working the door handle.

I never had a problem with the door actuators, however the van did not have keyless entry.

Ed B.

What should be my next steps? Trade, sell, torch, blow up, etc…Windstars have always had various problems but electrical issues have been there since day one. Did you know Windstar in Latin actually means “rolling piece of crap”?

You could have a couple things going on here. There is a TSB to check the rear cargo area and make sure there isn’t something bumping against the rear door lock and unlock switch (it’s on the lower left side soon as you open the hatchback. That is just something to check for the locking and unlocking without reason. I also had a similar problem with the chimes and fixed it (going on 10 years now) by spraying wd40 into the locking mechanisms where the contacts are located that turns on the chimes. All you need is a can of wd40 with the red straw and a bunch of paper towels go at it.

Dont use wd40. It gums up and sticks. Use pb blast

Thanks so much for your ideas. I am going to try a couple of them tomorrow and keep you posted about the result.