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2006 Ford Ranger "door ajar" light and chime

Door ajar dash light, dome light and warning chime go off and on intermittently. Have sprayed door latch mechanism with WD-40 in the event switch is dirty or stuck. Helps for short time and then problem begins again. I researched extensively but noone directly addresses my Ford Ranger model and explanations and fixes are all over the map. Has anyone else experienced this issue and hat was done to correct it.

Replacing the door switches is the next move.


Try some CRC Electrical Contact cleaner. WD40 tends to leave a gummy residue once it dries.

Ed B.


If this doesn’t work, then it’s probably the switch itself.


I had this problem on my 97’. I was in the dark for a long time (I yanked the bulb) Then I learned about it being the switch on the door. I sprayed it with something and it fixed it. I never had this happen on my 94’ or my current 07’.

On those Fords, I’ve cleaned the switches and sprayed contact cleaner

Sometimes it didn’t work at all

Sometimes it worked for a time, but it inevitably acted up again, and the only permanent solution was a new switch

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