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Ford Van Won't Run

Ford E150 Conversion Van 1991, V8. Replaced spark plugs, wires, fuel pump, fuel injector, cleaned gas tank, replaced gas. Ignition turns and starts but sputters loudly and stalls soon after.

We’ve tried just about everything but it won’t stay running. Any ideas?

Was it running before you did all that?

The problem might be with the ignition control module.


Make sure you are using the right firing order for your engine. Although the 5.0 and 5.8 engines can use the same dist. cap and wires, the firing order is different.

It may have jumped time. Check the compression.

Check the vacuum system for air leaks, it sounds like it may be running lean. When my Ford truck does that, that’s usually the problem. Split vacuum line or vacuum operated device diaphragm. The brake booster diaphragm is definitely one to check. Bad gas is another common reason but it looks like you’ve already eliminated that one. Best of luck.