1991 ford e350


hello. van stalled the other day and wouldnt restart. when i got it home it would start and run for about 30 sec. then would shut off like it ran out of fuel. replaced filter and front pump. please help


When you say “front pump” do you mean lift pump like in a diesel? Does you truck have 2 fuel pumps?.Please give some more details. Can you preform normal “crank no start tests”? Do you know how to check do I have fuel and spark? To early to say if problem is mechanical (like timing chain failure) would like to help post back with more info.


im sorry. 5.8 litre. i have spark and fuel, the van will start after sitting for a while, it will run fine for about 30 seconds. then it shuts off again. i just replaced the pressure regulator too. thanks john




i just started the van and its popping through the intake, and sometimes it will catch and run fine, then it pops again and stalls.