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1991 ford e350 van.NEED HELP PLEASE

hello.5.8 litre gas auto trans. my van stalled the other day and wouldnt restart. when i got it home it would start and run for about 30 sec. then would shut off like it ran out of fuel. replaced filter and front fuel pump and pressure regulator. it tried to run but is popping through the intake, then will run fine, then pop again and die.please help

This vehicle should be one of the notorious TFI-IV vehicles so have you changed the ignition module?

im not sure about that, it is a throttle body motor, fuel injected. were is the module located? thanks

Since you’re replacing parts, anyway, why not try an ignition control module on it. It’s less expensive than a fuel pump.
Here’s what one looks like. It’s held on, usually, to the distributor by two screws.,APP37445/vehicleId,1624705/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1140/partType,00029/shopping/partProductDetail.htm

yea i already waisted the money on a fuel pump. ill try the module tomorrow, hope thats it im running out of money, lol. thanks

Try to change the module without moving the distributor. It is very easy to throw the timing off by a mile even if the dist. appears to be placed back into the same position.

To reinforce what a problem these modules were note below. (and it’s too late to become a part of this and to receive reimbursement)

well ill try that next. thank you.

well i just changed the module, it seems to help, but i still have the popping and it isnt responding right to the fuel pedal. could there be something wrong due to bad gas? any ideas? thanks

Popping (backfire) through the intake is the result of spark timing being off on one, or more, cylinders, or, an intake valve(s) hanging open. Things like carbon tracks inside the distributor cap, or the timing chain having excessive play, or spark jumping from one spark plug wire to another, or hot spots inside the cylinder(s) can do this.

It looks like you need a mechanic to check these things, and more, to find the problem. Try to find a mechanic who is good at troubleshooting. Surprisingly, not all mechanics are equally adept.

thanks kit. thats 1 of my problems, no money for a mechanic. oh well i guess she’ll sit there until i can afford 1. thanks again

i dont think timing or spark is the issue, because it stars fine, after about thirty seconds it aks like its running out of fuel. if the rear fuel pump goes out do you have to change both the front and rear pump together? thanks