Ford truck windshield install: Fit window rubber to cab first?

Seeing instructions to place the rubber on the cab first, then install the glass. I’ve never heard of that method, confused. Isn’t the common way to place the rubber around the perimeter of the glass first, then fit the glass/rubber combo to the cab?

Some things are best left to professionals. This is one of those things.


Sure, you can try it that way, but when you’re finished the windshield will be in several thousand little pieces.

The common way is to install the seal into the opening then work the seal carefully around the glass.

I have seen it done with the seal on the body, a cord run thru the channel with lube. The cord pulls the lip over the glass.

I don’t think I have seen it done the other way.

Method 1: Install the window rubber to cab opening first, then install glass (LMC Truck’s advice)

Method 2: Install window rubber to glass perimeter first, then install glass/rubber ass’y to cab

Maybe it is just 6 of one, half dozen of the other? It seems like method 2 would incur less risk of the glass breaking.

Maybe one of these methods is more diy’er friendly b/c doesn’t require as many assistants?

I’ve only ever seen method 1. But either way it’s soon to be a lost art. Windshields with rubber seals haven’t been used in over 40 years as far as I know.

I work with Master and World Class mechanics who have never rebuilt a carburetor.

lol … Reminds me of what Ray & Tom would say on radio program, caller will have to find mechanic with no teeth if they want their older car fixed. Most mechanics wouldn’t be presented with car issues these days that would require knowing carb rebuild procedure. Better use of education time is to focus on skills needed with modern car design, computerized fuel injection with exhaust sensor feedback control. .