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Ford truck steering wheel swap

Would a steering wheel from a 67-72 ford truck fit in a 73-79 style truck? In my 1975 ford f150 the steering wheel is really cracked and I was wondering if a wheel would fit out of a older series truck as they seem to be built better and don’t crack as much. I like the older wheels better which is why I don’t want a universal one.


I used a company named Classics for parts for my 65 GMC.Bet you could get your answer from one of their Ford parts books

Since there is no airbag involved, the swap would probably work. I can’t imagine a wheel would cost more than a few bucks from a u-pull-it boneyard, so it might be worth the gamble. Just take a close look at the mounting bolt on your truck, noting the size and number of splines, and compare it to an older one.

ok thanks!