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1973 Ford F250 - Did someone touch my lugs?

I have a 1973 ford F250 with 8 lug hubs
front& back,did someone change this.

I believe the truck left the factory with 8 lug stamped steel rims front and rear

What is your concern?


At least he doesn’t have the odd-ball 7 lug wheels!

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If I remember right if it still has the oem steel wheel’s the front wheel’s will not fit on the back but the back wheel’s will fit on the front.

You will have to give us a little more info.

Are you asking if we came by in the middle of the night and changed your wheels???

Are you asking if the factory changed the lug pattern from year to year???

Are you saying that some are lug nuts are missing…Damn squirrels!!!


Sounds like you might have pre 1986 Chevy/GMC wheels on the front.

They have a slightly smaller center bore, they will fit on the front but not the back of a 96 or older Ford.

An F-250 with 8 lug wheels is the heaviest of the 3/4 ton models. It is virtually a 1 ton model.

I went to the auto parts store to get brakes ,I told them what I had .

they said no such thing,so I showed them they said it has been altered.

Not the first time the parts catalog was wrong. Was there an F350? That might have the same brakes