We are looking at a 1998 Ford F250 pickup. We need to upgrade from our 1991 Chevy halftone in order to pull a bigger trailer. This truck has 7 lug wheels. The dealer - and us - are unable to locate any - anywhere. My question - do you or perhaps any of your listeners - know where we could purchase 7 lug wheels for this truck? We like everything about the truck and it “should” meet our needs. We’re just concerned that if we ever have to replace a wheel we might not find one.

Thank you.


Have you tried tirerack.com? Was that the original size? Have you tried the local car recycler yard?



Count them again. I think you’ll find they are 8 lug!


Nope! Counted them! They’re 7 - seven - lug wheels.


You’re sure it’s not seven spokes, but 8 lug nuts?


I saw some on Ebay:



That ebay ad says that they have one (1) wheel, that it’s original equipment (it was available from the car maker), and states its size. If it’s original equipment, the car dealer’s catalog should show it. It may show it; but, it may no longer be available from the original vendor.


Hmmm. OP said “We’re just concerned that if we ever have to replace a wheel we might not find one. Thank you.”

I found one. Thank you.


I was also going to demand a recount, but googled 7-lug wheels and sure enough some of the Ford trucks have them.


I would stay away from morfidyte equipment. Better located some brake drums and rotors too…They will be equally hard to find…


If I find a truck with no available wheels, I won’t buy it.