1993 ford truck

my automatic transmission slips when i accelerate from a dead stop. by “slips” i mean the truck starts to go (in first gear) and then the engine revs and it feels like the truck is in nuetral for a second. if i rev the engine it will rev and then the transmission will grab and the tires chirp and i can continue to accelerate normally. if i dont rev the engine it will eventually grab after about ten seconds and i can continue to accelerate normally. i just had the fluid and filter changed. these symptoms didnt start until i had the transmission serviced. i was told they might not have used the right fluid. what is the right fluid? what else could the problem be and how do i fix?

First, it sounds like a low fluid level symptom.
Second, The truck was made with Dexron III fluid which was replaced with Mercon and is now sold as Mercon V.

Check and correct fluid level.
Check to see waht kinf of fluid was used at servicing.

Did you have the trans serviced at a Ford dealer? (I only ask this because I would assume a Ford dealer would know the correct fluid to use.) If you find out it does have the correct fluid in it and it is up to the proper level as Ken stated, then I think the filter is not sealing good to the trans body. This will allow the pump to suck air if the leak is above the fluid level.
When accelerating easy, pressure may be sufficient to cover up this problem.

thank you. youve been very helpful, but i need you to clarify what you said. did you mean that the mechanic put mercon v in my transmission and i need to replace it with dexron?

Current info from Ford indicates that you should use Mercon V. You could probably stick with Mercon, but I think that Mercon V will work better and make your trans last longer.

Isn’t this your second thread on this question?

I believe that the other suggestion was the wrong filter (or improperly installed). It would be best to clear that up before wondering about anything else.