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2005 Ford Freestyle - Trans slipping more now

We just had our transmission fluid flushed and now our vehicle is having more slipping problems than before we took it in!

Who did the work?

It is a CVT?

If the transmission was already slipping prior to that service, then it was already failing. All too many people fail to do the recommended trans fluid changes every 3 yrs/30k miles, and then attempt a Hail Mary Pass by changing the fluid for the first time when problems take place. Unfortunately, that is rarely effective when the trans is already failing.

More than likely, the OP will have no choice other than overhauling the transmission, but before going to that step, I would suggest checking the fluid level, just to be sure that this additional slippage isn’t the result of insufficient fluid.


Pretty sure it was one of those troublesome CVTs…

… which certainly don’t improve if they aren’t given the proper maintenance…

Slipping is another way to say the motor revs and car does not move very well. It’s no better then not moving at all.

It’s 15 years old with an unstated number of miles. Unless the transmission has been serviced religiously (and very few are) it’s quite possible the transmission had issues before and problems were looming anyway.

Since the car is 15 years old I might ask how many miles on it and how long have you owned it?

You say “slipping more now” and “having more slipping problems than before we took it in” which taken literally means it was slipping before and has worsened. So I take this to mean there were issues with it BEFORE the flush.

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