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95 F150 transmission slipping

Hello, so I have a 95 F150 extended cab, the transmission slips when it is going from 1st into 2nd and to 3rd, when I let off the gas because the rpms are getting high there is a hard down shift back into 1st (this is an automatic by the way). I’ve checked the trans fluid and it looks good and is full. Any ideas before I take it somewhere to get a diagnostic?

I think mechanics call that large increase in rpm between shifts symptom “flaring” and isn’t an uncommon thing reported here. It often means just that the transmission is worn out and needs to have some of its innards replaced, rebuilt in other words. But that’s isn’t possible to say with any certainty, you’ll need to have a good transmission shop take a look at it. If you feel lucky you could do a couple of drain/refills and replace the transmission filter (if it is replaceable on your vehicle)… Might work. I have an older Ford truck with a C4 automatic, and I had this symptom just starting. It was in the transmission shop for a complete rebuild within a week. Been working fine since.