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Ford Transmission Question

One of my students at school is doing some work on a 1992 F-150 and had a question about some transmission work he’s considering. I told him I’d throw the question on here in case any of you have experience with this, as I haven’t attempted such a project. Here’s the question, as written for me:

“I am converting my '92 F-150 302 from EFI to carbureted, however the original E4OD won’t work without the original electronics. I was wondering if an AOD would be a direct replacement. Will I have any mounting issues or problems with them length of the driveshaft? Also, will there be any other problems?”

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

In doing so, he will be modifying or tampering with an emissions control system which is illegal…Forget passing an emissions test… If that is not an issue, then the older transmission will PROBABLY work fine. 1992 was a major change-over year for Ford, out with the old, in with the new, so lots of things were changing. A high volume transmission shop would know the precise answer to your question…

I have three words for you. Ford Truck Board.