Ford ranger 5.0 swap

I got a 94 ford ranger 4.0 automatic 4X4 that the valves are bad and has 215000 on engine and tranny was looking to do a 5.0 swap I paid $900 bucks for a 5.0 motor and computer for EFI (no one works on carbs any more) and was looking for what my best swap option would be for a transmission on this truck and what the price should be and if any one else has done this what is the best rout for a wiring harness and if any other company besides Jegs makes a good adapter kit for the motor to fit. Thank You.

Is this vehicle subject to emissions testing? Depending on the test format, that could be trouble…As for the tranny, you will need to use the one that was installed on your new 302 to begin with. The computer is likely to complain otherwise…Things have changed since 1969…

Other than being in agreement with Caddyman, it’s hard to get into advice on this swap without knowing the year model of the 5.0 since some were ECM controlled carburetors, some were TBI, others SEFI, OBDI and OBDII variants, etc.

If this is an SEFI model then the factory wire harness is the way to go because after it’s all plugged into the engine there’s not much left to connect on the chassis; ECM, O2 sensors, ground wire, battery power, and keyed power from the ignition switch is it.
O2 sensors will of course have to be part of the revised exhaust system.

Converting to a carburetor (Edelbrock is as simple as it gets) and a non-TFI distributor can be much simpler. Going this route would allow you to use a non-electronic AOD transmission but as with any conversion there are going to be a number of things that you have to do a work-around on.

A project like that will become a nightmare soon. The details and incidentals will be expensive and a great deal of trial and error will be required with a lot of expensive pieces becoming scrap. But, like they say, no pain-no gain.

Aside from the electronics, do you know that it’ll fit? They never came that way, right? Lots of work ahead, suspension, cooling system, etc. Any sites that specialize in Rangers? Somebody that’s already done this would be the one to ask.

I owned a V8 S-10 in the early 90’s. It looked great and sounded great but was a royal pain in the rear as far as reliability. My insurance company also took a dim view of a 350 V8 in lieu of the original 4.3 V6. It overheated on real hot days even with an electric fan and the largest crossflow radiator that would fit. It was a fun vehicle but it was not a reliable daily driver by any means. It constantly nickeled and dimed me until I found a buyer that did not care about such things. Like Rod said…No pain…no gain. If you get it on the road just upload to YouTube and let us see it in action.