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85 F-150 AOD transmission swap

Pretty sure my Transmission is kaput. She will shift into first, then slam into second about 25-30 mph. Then no more. Had filter changed about 4-5 k ago, My mechanic “Dan The Man” has a 1989 Bronco parting out. Transmission is on a tire. But looks the same as my AOD. I heard that near the end of 88 or 89 ford switched to the 4OED or what ever. Shop wants 1300 bucks to pull and rebuild her. Will that transmission work in Big Red? She is a fine truck, battered but unbowed. Oh I tried the throttle control and there was transmission fluid weeping out of arm. Thanks for your help!

I think you mean the E4OD, which is basically a C6 with overdrive and electronic controls and without the reliability of the C6. The issue you’re going to have is that your AOD is mechanically/hydraulically controlled and the E4OD is electronically controlled and requires communication with the ECU/PCM in order to operate correctly, your 1985 F-150 doesn’t have such provisions.