1994 Ford F350 Automatic transmission E4OD

The current owner told me that the transmission did not shift into overdrive, but otherwise worked OK. My test driving over several miles seemed to confirm this.

To help me decide whether to buy and how much to pay for this 1994 Ford F350 7.3L diesel truck with the automatic E4OD transmission, I had a respectable transmission specialist shop check and (reset?) the codes.

I was told the check showed the following codes:

14 PIP Ignition erratic

29 Open VSS circuit

62 Converter clutch slip

3-2, 4-3 Fault.

When we took the truck for a test drive right after the code check we found that the transmission refused to shift into reverse and into third gear as well! My specialist said nothing he did could have caused these changes, and had no explanation for this change in shifting behavior, other than that the transmission got more sluggish as it got hotter. He said the transmission needs to be overhauled at a cost of between $1800 and 2200.

Does this make any sense? I paid $60 for this code chek and advice. Did I get my money’s worth?

Does anyone have any ideas on what may be going on here and any suggestions for me? I like the truck and could make good use of it for mostly light, local a hauling, if it was reliable and could be bought at a fair price.

ps: the odometer on the truck showed 165,000 miles.

Sure would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.


Are you crazy or is this a joke?

This truck is 15 years old, has 165K miles on it, has a bad transmission, and you “like it.”

Why? Please explain.

F350s are bought because they are tough trucks, but they are used accordingly, and lead hard lives. The phrase, “Rode hard and put away wet” comes to mind. This explains the transmission problem. This truck has been hauling heavy loads, and the transmission has had as much as it can take. It’s shot, and needs to be overhauled or replaced.

Think about that, and how it impacts the rest of the vehicle. Who is the current owner? What business is he/she in? How has the truck been used? An F350 is strong, but not unbreakable.

I don’t know the asking price, but if you still want to buy this rig, assume you will have to put ~ $2,000 into it right away for a new transmission. Factor that into your offer. I suggest you stay as low as possible.

You said you could make good use of this truck “if it was reliable.” Suppose it isn’t. What then?

Personally, I’d walk away from this one. Its needs are too great.

You got your money’s worth from the diagnosis. I would look around quite a bit more. Unless you need the diesel, and will drive a substantial amount of miles, you can get a better deal on a gas model. Light local hauling would be easier to justify on a gas model, and it is cheaper to boot. Widen your search and look at 3/4 tons also.

The market for these is still down, so be patient and keep looking.

As far as what the transmission shop did, yes, you seemed to have gotten your moneys worth. When the trans failed to shift into reverse, thats rebuild time right there alone. $1800-$2200 is not a bad deal at all for an E4OD transmission overhaul. Although 165k is not bad mileage for a Diesel, and a 14 year old Diesel at that. If it were me, the truck would have to be in immaculate shape and the engine strong and the price just right before I would consider buying it. How much is the owner asking for it??


Thanks for the straight talk reply!!
I now know that the transmission shop is honest. After several test runs we found that the transmission stops shifting into reverse when it heats up after driving about 30 minutes.

So why do I still like it?

I’m looking for literally a “dumpster on wheels” into which I can dump horse manure from my boarding barn and truck it off to a compost manufacturer about 5 mile away. Would need to make no more than 2 trips per month - but would have to reliably start, run and go into reverse!

The truck fits the location just right, looks good on the outside and the body, dump bed and hydraulics seem to work well. The engine starts well and runs evenly but does blow light blue smoke when hot. I’m told it needs rings but should not give me any trouble the way I intend to use it.

So I figure if I can get it for $1000, and put $2000 into fixing the transmission this might just be the “dumpster on wheels” I need.
However, I also decided to look around a bit more to see if there is something better and cheaper out there for me.

Have decided to do just that.

He was asking for $3000, before we found the problem with the transmission.
I’m considering offering $1000 and fixing the transmission if I cannot find something better in that price range.

I think you’re being steered in the right direction by your transmission guy and he’s treating you right.

With a 165k miles and a hydraulically operated dump bed on it, now you know why the transmission is gone. Many miles of overloaded dump bed and never a fluid change at all no doubt.