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Will this transmission work?

Will a 1994 e-150 transmission work in a 1995 F-150 Both trans are 4r70w. Both 5.0 engines

The wire plug in are the same all three are the same and plug at the same points.

Over all lenth is the same 32 inchs, but the tail section is a inch different .

E-150 is 11 inches F-150 is 10 inches.

I know it will bolt in and plug up but will it shift right.

The f-150 has a overdrive button on the shifter .

We have no idea if the e-150 had the button or not.

Thanks for any help you could give


The difference in the lengths of the respective tails is not an issue if each transmission has the same overall length. The overdrive button is not an issue, since the button is intended to prevent the transmission from shifting into the highest gear, which is useful if you want to maintain the fourth gear as the highest available gear without having to manually shift into D2. If there is no function available in replacement transmission, you will lose the ability to lock out the highest gear by pressing the button, but the transmission will shift normally. If you have to carry heavy loads in hilly areas, you would want to use the D2 (or D3) shift selection to add torque uphill and prevent brake over-heating on steep downhills. Otherwise, the button is intended to provide a mistake-free method of preventing the highest gear from engaging automatically, without requiring the driver to take eyes off the road to ensure that the correct drive is engaged.
If it fits, bolts up, etc., you can use it.

I’m surprised that they aren’t different overall lengths with just the tail shaft being the difference. You would then just change the tail shaft housing to make it work. That’s how most man’s cope with various needs. The basic unit will be identical with a custom adapter that’s cheaper to produce per unit.

In your case there is some fundamental difference. It would appear that you don’t have any road blocks to the swap otherwise.

Thanks for the input from both of you’s.

Do you think I will have any computer issues ? I was thinking the sencers might give me a problem and or not shift right because of gearing.