Ford Sync loses sync intermittently

I have a '10 Focus SE I got used about three months ago. I updated the Sync software to the then-current version. I connect my iPhone for both phone and music via BlueTooth.

Every now and then, with no pattern I can determine, when I get into the car and turn it on, the music system immediately plays the FM radio instead of connecting to my phone and playing the music where it left off when I last got out of the car.

I am turning BlueTooth on on the iPhone before I get in the car, and I’m turning it off after I turn off the car and exit it, so it’s not a matter of BT from the phone not being available.


its a “Blue Tooth” thing sometimes my phone and car don’t want to talk to each other. its one of those things

My Focus’ SYNC does it sometimes too. I just push the phone button on the dash and it re-establishes right away.