Has anyone experienced the radio turning itself to a different channel? It has happened a few times—I get in then start the vehicle and push my radio preset button #1----92.9—and will start playing the correct channel----less than a minute later it will change the station from 92.9 to 93.1. I am not hitting any of the steering wheel buttons—and it will just jump to the next FM station. It is not turning from one preset to another—it moves just “1” spot up. The other day it was doing this with the Satellite radio as well—I was listening to preset 6 and it just changed to preset 7. I am not sure if the SCAN or SEEK “->” is possibly sticking? But I don’t think so.
Also—anyone experience leaving your IPOD (physically) connected/plugged in? It caused the voice activated function to not work.,after researching online I have found others that experienced it. I had to pull the fuse in the interior then re-install it for the voice activated function to start working again. Why does this happen? It is a pain to disconnect/reconnect my IPOD each time----I believe I have a First Generation MYFORD—can this be “upgraded”? (Oh, and what idiot decided to put the interior fuse box in the passenger side near the floor? Makes it EXTREMELY difficult to change fuses and EXTREMELY difficult to even see what you are doing.)

I’m assuming you talking about Sync. It’s very quirky. Mines never jumped a station, but I do have problems with my iPhone sometimes. Sometimes it won’t play, sometimes the song and artist won’t display and sometimes the phone won’t go hands free. This only happens when I plug into the sub. Bluetooth works flawless. Have you got a Syncmyride account through form owners website? If not, you should open an account and any upgrades will be listed. You download them to a flash drive then upload them in the SUB port of your vehicle. Sometimes it takes awhile and it’s a multi step proses. I printed out the instructions and had them with me in the vehicle. Good luck!

Thanks, I have an account, but there are no updates available.