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2014 Ford Escape won’t sync

2014 Ford escape Titanium - sync is inoperative. I’ve tried all the on line fixes. Open door, turn on car - didn’t work. Disconnect battery - wait - reconnect - radio comes on, am only, can’t change station, my-touch screen still blank. No nothing. this happened in June 2017. I called ford in Mt Orab, Ohio. Was told out of warranty. Still broke, still blank. I don’t really miss the screen stuff, I just wish I could listen to the radio or CD. Everything that runs through My Touch is inoperative. I am retired and don’t have money to repair. Is there anything I can do to get the radio or CD to work to bypass My Touch.

Frankly I doubt it. With the complexity of today’s electronics most likely the unit would require replacement. You could google services in your area and call around to get an opinion or estimate.
Or, watch some YouTube videos and see if you want to try replacing it with a unit from a salvage yard. But with a salvage yard unit it is unlikely there would not be any warranty.
Good Luck!

Look at the Critchfield web site to decide if you can replace the whole unit for a reasonable price . If doing it yourself is out of the question then call audio shops because even if your unit could be repaired it would most likely cost as much as a replacement.