2010 Ford Fusion plays and stops

My radio plays for about a minute and stops for a few seconds and plays and stops. It is consistent this way. It does this with all stations and Bluetooth and when a CD is in. It just started doing this and it is very annoying. We had a big rain and I forgot to close my sunroof. my seats were soaked and cup holders were full of water. I didn’t notice the dash being wet or anything else, but the radio started acting up right after this.
Thank you!!

couple of questions:

Does the music just stop playing (no sound,) or does the entire radio or dash go dead?

Do you have any radio control buttons on your steering wheel?

I think you are in the market for a new radio. Maybe a waterproof one? :wink:

Well, I think you’ve found the root cause!

Try replacing the audio system fuse in the fusebox under the dash. It’s a crapshoot, but you might get lucky.
The next step would be to remove the head unit and clean the contacts (head unit and wiring connectors) with contact cleaner.