2015 Ford Fusion Bluetooth INOP

I have a 2015 fusion. I had my Glaaxy s5 connected to the car via bluetooth. I drove about 5hrs yesterday with it working just fine. I then stopped for gas and turned off the car. When I turned it back on, the phone would not connect via bluetooth to the car.

This morning I tried again and again it would not connect. I did the “master reset” on the car and reset all the bluetooth items on the phone (wiped data, cache, and restarted) still nothing. When I try “add bluetooth device” sync never shows up on my phone. when I push “ok” to begin paring I get a Pairing Failed message before the computer stops talking.

There are no updates and the problem is with the car. I tried an Ipod and that will not find the car either. Both the ipod and phone work with other bluetooth devices.


One word:


I Checked For Technical Service Bulletins On This Issue, But Had No Success Finding Anything.

A couple of years ago, my son had problems involving communications with his Chevrolet Impala’s system. Under Warranty, the dealer was able to find information and updated the car’s computer with revised instructions. He had no problems after that. I would check with the Ford dealer. Possibly, they have had similar complaints and a solution.


Make sure bluetooth is on and visibilty enabled on the phone. Slide down from the top to see the menu. You may have to un pair your phone from the car then re pair.

I assume you deleted the bluetooth device from Sync and also removed the car from the phone. If so, does the car bluetooth search show Ford Sync at all?

Does the phone pair with other Bluetooth devices? Can you borrow another phone and try to pair it with the car? The results of these tests will indicate whether the problem lies with the car or the phone. If the phone, try a reboot of the phone first. If the car, warranty.

If all the fuses are okay then you seem to have a valid warranty issue.