4X4 5.0 Ranger question

I got a 91 5.0 mustang motor to put in my 94 ford ranger 4X4 and am wondering if any one had done this with a 4X4 and wondering if they can predict any rear end problem because I know the weaker 2wd axles will blow out from the torque but unsure about 4X4.

4X4 specific forums might be a better source of iformation for this.

that swap has been done many times before mountainbike has a good point.

Anything’s possible with enough money.
Like TSM says, 4x4 forums,
Plus, check out those TV shows like monster garage and such.
You’ll see how much custom one-off fabrication goes in to such mods, THERE’S your time and money.

There might be a real problem making the front differential fit under the oil pan.

I am using a conversion oil pan that is a double stump

i have done this swap on a 2x4 and the only prob i had was the steering box was in the way of the oil filter put a relocater but still had to mod it to fit the 4x4 may have a diffrent steering box though but its a thought to think about going in

Will an emissions test be required on this vehicle? Do you have the ECM and harness from the '91 Mustang?

No emission tests required and I have the harness for engine to run EFI.

And the computer