Ford fusion sport hybrid project

You saw the Autotrader website just like I did. That is the prevailing price listed. You can search your area, this is in mine. Apparently this model is going a bit under 50K right now in Cape Coral Florida.

You can customize a Tesla to some degree like any other car. Better wheels and tires. Maybe someone is producing lower, stiffer springs and bigger stabilizer bars. There is always custom paint or wraps.

Which would require you reengineer the vehicle. As you car is front wheel drive/all wheel drive with a transverse engine. The Mustang is RWD with a longitudinally mounted engine, Ford doesn’t make a version of the coyote V8 that’s transversely mounted, so it would be a pretty expensive one-off. You’d also have to use a different transmission, and probably give up the AWD, or custom design an entire front drivetrain/suspension, and have it all fit under the hood of a Fusion.

Highly, highly unlikely. Like most car projects, you take what you think it’ll cost and triple it. That’s going to be closer to your final price. What you’re suggesting isn’t happening for $50k.

Are MrJC and Eric related ?


Maybe one and the same using different screen names.

Ohh you’re right, I was referring to the “potential savings” listing they have on their website but it says its 30k now. Also did not know you have a limit to how much you can post here.

Forgive my naive questioning here but I saw a guy on youtube mount it longitudinally using factory mounts and the only thing he had to really change was the subframe of the car.

He uses the same year as me only with a 2.5 L engine instead of a 2.0. Also legitimate question: I was under the impression that the engine made the power and the transmission would follow suit by changing gears to allow for more power? I have yet to find anyone or anything that can explain how a transmission really works all I know is the gear ratios help to propel the car in different stages from torque to speed. Now I get that more power might mean having to get a stronger transmission but I thought these two parts were interchangeable as long as they didn’t screw up the other? But can you explain why I would need to give up the awd? Also I know you might not know the answer but could you maybe explain how the guy in the video was able to mount his engine? Again apologies for the questions I just really want to understand my car more and I’m relatively new to the scene in general.

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea who that is but if I had to guess they probably have some ludicrous ideas.

So I was doing some homework and found that you could just put an electric motor after the transmission and connect it to the drivetrain of the car using a custom piece.

The problem with that is I kinda don’t know what I’m looking for. Some cars have controllers, others have inverters, and dc/dc or ac/dc converters, and generators which I dont mind as iv had experience with these kinds of things but never really built a custom circuit (everything was given to me and I didnt have to find what can go with what) I COULD just sit down all day and find something that works but like I said that’d take all day and I still have the issue of integrating to worry about haha.

Is there any way I can connect a controller to the ECU of my car (or custom ecu) and have it communicate with a controller of the electric motor?

I read that most cars with automatic transmissions use the ecu to change the gear so I’d thought that theoretically this means you could potentially have the ecu start on a higher gear since the vehicle is already using the electric motor to accelerate but that’s just a theory I know in practice this might just spell the end of my transmission.

Also I know some cars turn off the engine when idle or cruising (im just guessing) so maybe that can be used to emulate how hybrids work by checking if the brakes or accelerator are being pressed?

I know I know coding and what not. I heard enough to know that it’s not easy to just go in and code these things but I have faith in future me heh heh…or in future custom tech people.

For now I’ll just worry about getting the right motor to play nice with the current set up I have and build from there. Do you guys see any potential mechanical problems with just mounting it to the drivetrain? (Assuming all electric components match up and its using custom mounts)

You need to listen carefully to what he says. He used factory MUSTANG mounts, along with mounting the Mustang engine and transmission on a Mustang subframe. He had to cut out the Fusion firewall and tunnel. ALL KINDS of custom fabrication.

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There’s no “just” about it…

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Oh wow I didn’t catch that, I thought he meant mounts that come with the fusion. Also the firewall and tunnel are new concepts to me, I would have to look it up. But thanks for pointing that out for me!

Hehe yea, poor choice of words

I’m not sure if you’re referring to me but if you are I can assure you this is more of a teaching and humbling experience for me. Just a few days ago I didn’t even know what a transmission was and now I know a tad bit more than the average folk. That being said my ideas might be outlandish and they still come from a place of ignorance hence why I reached out to forums like this one to seek advice and guidance from people who know better and can help me understand. I am very thankful to everyone especially for putting up with my ideas haha.

Sorry maybe I misjudged.

Haha it’s all good man, I understand. Especially after all those questionable ideas I wouldn’t blame you.

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May I suggest you check with your local community college to see if they offer any automotive courses.

The thing is I dont want to do this for a living just as a one time potential project, I’m currently taking a bunch of physics classes as is and plan to get a bachelor’s in physics along with computer and electric engineering

After some thought I found that either engine swapping to the v6 of the 2017 ford fusion or just tuning my existing engine can nab me exactly what I’m looking for for less of the hassle and more savings.

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LOL no, that’s a whole custom job. He used the factory Mustang mounts. The actual work to getting everything to fit is staggering, he had to reengineer the front end of the car. Its impressive that he was able to fit headers as well, given that on an actual Mustang, they are not easy at all to install. Also note how much wider the front wheels stick out vs. a stock fusion.

He wouldn’t have been able to use the stock transmission as a front wheel drive transmission/transaxle wouldn’t be able to mount up to a longitudinal engine. Also it’s unlikely the stock transmission would hold up against a coyote anyway. Transmissions have a maximum amount of torque they are rated for. For the 2.5L/1.5L EB/ 2.0L EB Fusion that’s the 6F35 which is rated for a maximum of about 260-280 ft/lb of torque while the Coyote V8 shown in the video is probably putting out around 430-440 ft/lb. I didn’t see what kind of transmission he went with, but it’s a manual, my money is on a TR-6060. And no not all transmissions are interchangeable. Typically the bellhousing will dictate what transmissions can be used. But there are adapters in some cases.

A couple reasons;

  1. lack of room under the front end for a front drivetrain and a larger V8 engine
  2. The AWD wasn’t made to handle the power of the V8
  3. The AWD system is electronically controlled, and the electronics that will be changed/deleted in the swap won’t have provisions to run it.

He basically gutted the car, removed the stock drivetrain/engine, fabricated everything you see under the hood, reengineered most of the car (engine bay, drivetrain, etc.) he even swapped in the rear axle/suspension from a donor Mustang to make the car RWD (which was necessary). This is not something that someone can do in their driveway, and the guy has well into six figures in this car.

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The easier and cheaper solution is to sell your Fusion and buy a car that actually meets your wants and needs.