2010 Fusion Hybrid Brake Issues

I have a 2010 Fusion Hybrid. The rear brakes are shot after 70K, but the fronts have 80% left. Id there anything unique about this hybrid that would cause this, or should I look elsewhere for this unusual wear pattern.

Yes, you have regenerative braking, which takes a lot of the load off the front brakes. So just enjoy the fact that you got 70k (a LOT of miles) out of the rear brakes, and don’t have to replace the fronts.

I would have them bleed ALL the brakes to get the old fluid out of the front calipers.

Thanks for the explanation. The dealeer service people didn’t know.

We are fast becoming a nation of technical morons…

@ToStupidtoretireguy - just curious, what mpgs have you been getting? I have a 2011 MKZ hybrid, averaging a bit over 38 mpg.

I generally get around 38. I find time of year does affect it. Winter is lower than summer. Occasionally with the right type of driving I can go as high as 44.