Ford fusion diy hybridization

Hello all,

I recently wanted to upgrade the performance of my car through diy. I want to be able to turn my 2016 ford fusion se into a hybrid without having the buy the hybrid version. Reason is I want to be able to upgrade in the future and fords hybrid architecture doesnt make it easy (atleast not as easy as conventional upgrading) also I want to keep my awd and the hybrid version just doesn’t have it. I found a company that puts an electric motor in place of the torque converter but have no idea how to get into possession of the product or any similar.

I found a video that originally gave me the idea for the project where the guy was in possession of one unit.

OK Carolyn , this person has problems . @cdaquila

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Excuse me?

You have 2 threads about the same thing. The other one has over 60 posts and do you really think you can out engineer the people at Ford .


Well the last thread I felt died off as I made 2 post without reply so I wanted to give new people a chance to see the idea. The original post was about putting a tesla engine in a ford fusion but changed midway, now imagine being someone who saw the new name and had to scroll through 60 post just to catch up. I feel this way is more effective and efficient for me who is seeking help and guidance and for those who are looking too help people like me. And as for out engineering, if you look at the link itll show it’s a simple “plug-in” solution. Yes you have to go through the headache of taking out the transmission and mounting the EM in place of the torque converter but that’s really the hardest part. They specifically marketed their product to be an easy alternative.

The very same people will see this post as the last 2. You are not getting responses because the thread has played out.

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Ahh I see, in other forums it’s usually a different experience. I assumed posting it again but with a refined focus could attract a new crowd as the last thread was borderline all over the place on my part.

I wanted to introduce this new concept as to continue the thread for those who might not have had the sources in the last thread. We really just went off what we saw in a video whereas now I supplied a link to how exactly the process works. Is there a more suitable forum I could post this in? I’m just looking to inform and be informed.

That’s because most of us “MUTED” it so we didn’t have to look at it anymore.

Your whole thread is essentially moot. You acknowledge you were in school and did not have time to take a basic automotive shop class.
By the time you are out of school and have a job you will most likely turn to more practical endeavors than turning a Fusion into something else.

And that’s ok, if you simply weren’t interested in the topic or in helping out the new guy I completely understand. That’s your choice, mine is to find those who are willing to help. And who, quite frankly, I’m thankful for putting up with it.

Its sounds corny but I promise you I love a challenge. Yea school keeps me busy but it doesnt leave much room for creativity, that’s why I start projects on my own to 1. Build my portfolio and 2. Discover new things. It’s crazy to think that just last week I knew nothing about cars and how they work but now I can say I know more than the average Joe, that right there is why I challenge myself because I can get stuff done when I’m allowed to be creative.

Listen, I’m sorry we couldn’t work something out but obviously this thread has detracted too far from the point and brought into question my personal life. I’ll gladly shut it down if that’s an option. As for those in the last thread who helped out, I’m grateful and thank you.

I guess I neglected to see it the first time around but then my memory is getting hazy. Let me be so bold as to rephrase the question though. I want to take a perfectly good car that can run all day long with a few stops for gas, and turn it into one that can only go a hundred or two without letting it charge over night. And at a beginning cost of maybe $20,000. The reason? Science? I hear there are some electric buses for sale cheap somewhere in California. Kinda high maintenance though and tend to catch fire in the sun, but hey a good engineer can fix that. Sorry, couldn’t resist. As Art Linkletter used to say “kids say the darndest things”.

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As some posters do on here. :laughing: