Ford focus unaligned ignition help!


i recently had the common problem of my ignition becoming stuck so i removed it and bought a new one from the dealership had it coded tried to install it but i didnt line it up properly now its stuck it wont go in all the way or come out any ideas on how i can remove the cylinder and properly install it pls help!!!


i dont know much about that, but it sounds like the best thing to do would be to just see if a mechanic can get it out and put it back in the right way =/


Is it close to going in? Have you tried inserting a small pin punch, etc. into the tiny hole where the retention pin rests and then attemping to remove the tumbler?
Or is it so far off the retention pin is totally missing the hole?

Do you have the key in when trying to install it? 

My suggestion if non of the ideas we come up with help is to call your local locksmith not a car mechanic.


Get a locksmith! Most have mobile service, so they can come to you. It will cost some bucks, but what choice do you have?