Can't put key in ignition

Out of the clear blue, I suddenly can’t put my key into the ignition. 2000 Ford Focus. Wheels straight, in park, tried both keys, tried adjusting the steering wheel up and down, tried some WD-40. Does an ignition switch just shut down like this?

Every Single Ford Focus has either had the ign replaced, or will. The design was defective.

A LOCKSMITH can replace it with a replacement manufactured by STRATTEC, and it will not have this deficiency. Dealers keep using the old design, and not all dealers have used up their old inventory… so locksmith is once again the best way.

ALSO, you will want the new lock matched to the existing key code, in order to preserve the already programmed chip keys… thus keeping the vehicle a One-Key-Fits-All-Locks-Car.

Dealership nearest Boulder Colorado is reportedly charging 450.00 for this, using “whatever” parts they use.

City Lock in Boulder routinely charges under 250.00 at the shop, plus trip charge depending where vehicle is.

So, in the end… a LOT less for a BETTER job.

City Lock
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