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Ford Focus driver door won’t lock or unlock using key fob

I have a 2003 Ford Focus wagon. On occasion, my driver door won’t unlock when I use the key fob. In addition to that, the key fob never locks that same driver door, however, I’m able to lock and unlock it from the inside. Any ideas? Could it be the key fob or is there some sort of receiver that needs replaced in only that door? I’m not at all familiar with how those specific mechanisms work.

Have you tried replacing the battery in the key fob?

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How do you do that? With the power lock button or manually? If manually, I’d say the power lock motor on he driver’s door needs replacing.

If it is with the power lock button, that is a head scratcher. Is this car in the US, or the UK? The FOB sends a radio signal to a single receiver that unlocks the doors. Most cars have a one-push unlocks the driver’s door and a second push unlocks the rest. It is a security thing. If your car operates by unlocking the passenger door first and then the other 3, then somehow your car got switched from UK to US or US to UK. The owners manual should explain how to set that back. Certainly the Ford dealer can if you can’t.