2002 ford escape won't lock and unlock

Let me start by saying the car is the 2002 ford focus and has a remote starter keyless entry and alarm that has been in stalled years ago so the one day I’m trying to go inside my car and the unlock button on the key fob doesn’t work so I put the key in the door and open it all the doors unlock. I ignored it when I’m leaving the car I lock it with the key fob it chrips then my son rushes outside and opens the door. That’s when I noticed the door didn’t lock then I try the door switch to lock and unlock the doors but nothing happens I tried the passenger switch nothing

Both driver and passenger door lock switches are not working
If I hit the unlock button twice on the key fob all the doors unlock

We get posts in these aftermarket systems causing gremlins fairly regularly. If you can find out who installed the system they might be able to help.

If the key works, I’d ignore the FOBs, ignore the automatic start, and start doing everything using the key.

You might also try an automotive electrical systems specialist.

First thing I would do is look for blown fuses. The owner’s manual can tell you the fuse locations.