Ford focus 2007 SE swap with ford focus ZX3 SE 2005

can i swap a ford focus se engine with zx3? will a 2007 ford focus SE go with a 2005 ford focus zx3 SE

The engine will probably fit, but the emissions controls may be different and the sensors on the engine may not match up with the computer. Engine swaps are very difficult with all the computers.

I would try to find an engine the same year as the car in which you wish to install it.

Or a Ford expert who knows whether or not the '05 and '07 engines and computers are compatible.

Physically they should swap. I think the only engine offered on the SE trim was the 2.0L. However there were two versions, a PZEV version that that was sold in certains states and the non-PZEV sold in certain states, If you try to sway in non-PZEV engine a car that previously had a PZEV engine you could run into some minor issues, like the check engine or SES light being on constantly.