Suzuki Samurai Engine Swap

hi, i have a 1987 samurai and unfortunately, the engine is getting old and i was considering swapping it with something else. I was wondering if anyone knew what other engines would fit nicely in my sammy. I would prefer that the engine i swap it with be a 4cyl, but might not be opposed to a v6 if there is one that will work with the car. thanks

A lot of things could be made to fit give a full machine shop and welding equipment but it would cost far more than an 87 Suziki is worth. The only thing that will fit easily is an 87 Samauri engine.

Emissions laws and computerized control systems have pretty much eliminated engine swapping in anything built after 1981.

A quick Google search suggest the Suzuki Sidekick or Geo Tracker 1.6 engine is the best engine swap. There may even be a conversion kits available.

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Emissions laws and computerized control systems have pretty much eliminated engine swapping in anything built after 1981.

Only if you get caught. Swaps are still popular in non-emissions-testing regions.

I saw a car show . . . think it was 4 x 4 extreme or something like that . . . where they swapped in a VW diesel engine.  As I recall, the swap was pretty simple, but that's TV.  If it was me I'd swap an exact replacement.  Rocketman

If you do decide to swap a different type of engine into this vehicle, I strongly recommend that you install an engine of approximately the same weight as the original.

Disrupting the weight distribution of the vehicle can result in some unanticipated problems:

The need to modify the suspension in order to accomodate the extra weight.
The need to modify the brakes in order to deal with the extra weight.
Degrading the handling and stability of a vehicle that was not known for good handling and stability in the first place.

And, then there is the question of the transmission!
If you are planning on retaining the original transmission, you need to first be sure that the original transmission can withstand additional torque if the replacement engine is more powerful than the original. And–here is where some unanticipated costs enter the picture–if you retain the original transmission, you will likely need to have an adapter made that would allow the mating of two originally non-compatible parts.

On the other hand, if you use the transmission that came with the new engine, you would undoubtedly have to alter or replace the driveshaft and drill through the floorpan in order to install the new shift mechanism and its mounting hardware.

In other words, no matter what type of different engine you choose to install, there is much more to this issue than simply what will fit in the engine compartment. And these additional issues will result in a lot of extra expense. By the time that you get finished with this project, it would probably be cheaper to simply buy a different used vehicle that is newer than this 23 year old Samurai.

I would suggest that you approach this project with a lot of planning and research prior to actually purchasing and trying to install a different engine.

 Go to:   .  That's the site that recommends a VW diesel into your Suzuki and sells the kit with instructions.  Rocketman
 I just went through their website . . . their closing statement was something like . . . VW diesel swap into a Samurai . . . can it be done? Yes.  Inexpensive and easy? NO!  Look for a used Samurai and swap that engine in.  Rocketman

The OP seems to be missing…How about it, do you need an emissions test or not??

I did a quick google search (your friend) and here it is: