Engine change

can i use a 2.5 engine from a 2000 forester with a automatic transmission and install it in a 2000 forester with a standard transmission ,if so what needs to be changed over other than the fly wheel?

The computer won’t like the change between the automatic transmission setup to the manual transmission setup. So at the least, that’s where the problems are going to start.


I think the original poster wants to take a 2000 2.5 out of an automatic car and install it into his 2000 2.5 with a manual transmission.

I see no problems with this, though I would use the intake setup, ignition, and fuel injectors from the original car, as they are known quantities rather than taking a chance on something from a salvage.

the engine that i want to put in the forester with the standard transmission is a good running engine and is still in the car that it has to be removed from ,do you still think that changing the intake setup,ignition,and fuel injectors has to be done?

I would, just in case there’s some slight difference in ignition, fuel, or emissions controls between the two vehicles. But that’s just me.

And with the engines out I’m sure you’ll be installing new timing belt components.

There are different engine controls between the automatic transmission version and the manual transmission version of the vehicle.

You only have to try this swap once, and once you learn the difference, you’ll make sure the engine/control systems match the transmission.


what engine control systems are you refering to?can the be chenged over off of the old engine?

Many online auto discussion sites are dedicated to specific lines of autos. I don’t know anything about what might be there for Subies, but there are sometimes even dedicated forums for engine/transmission swaps. I don’t know if you’ve searched but it may be worth a try in which case you may find people who know all about it down to the specifics.

I would leave the engine intact as is, but swap the computers so that the computer stays with the engine. There is no need to swap the ignition systems, injectors or intake, just the computer.

Doesn’t the computer also control the transaxle? I would think having a computer from a vehicle with a different type of trans would cause problems.

Oops, my bad. You are right, just transfer the engine.

@keith, I’d only swap computers if you were to swap engine and transaxle together. It sounds like he wants the engine with the standard trans swapped into the car with the auto. I’ve done a similsr swap, and I agree with @asemaster. Swap over all the sensors and injectors to prevent any possible incompatibility issues. These can be a bear once the donor engine is in and full of fresh fluids.

The base engine may be the same but the sticky part will involve sensors, wire harnesses, drive by wire fit, variable valve timing, and who knows what all else.
Things change on a mid-year basis, much less a 5 year spread.

Someone here http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/ has probably done this swap. I agree, you are probably going to have issues, but MAYBE they can be worked out.

Five year spread? They are both 2000 models. If you took both VIN numbers to a dealer and had them look up the sensors, etc. I would be very surprised if they didn’t have the same part numbers.

A mistake on my part. Lost my train of thought and was thinking of a 2005 into a 2000. However, it would still be a good idea to eyeball the wire harness closely due to a potential mid-year change, different emission spec, or even the possibility that the donor car does not even have the original engine in it.

I seem to vaguely remember several different cylinder head casting numbers but do not remember what the differences may be or if they’re significant or not.