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Ford Five Hundred

I have a big problem, I need to replace my rear coil springs and ford has discontinued this part. does anyone know of a afte market brand I can use even though Ford did not make one their has to be a coil spring I can replace them with. I have a AWD Sel. any options out there?

What year is this five hundred?


Do you have a spring shop in the area? They should’ve able to fix you right up.

Have you checked

It appears there’s some out there. eBay lists some as well

yes I seen those on eBay not for my car.

Did you click on the link I attached to see if they offered one for your vehicle?

Sady, what year is your car?

Yes I did unrelated I checked them out two weeks ago and they don’t,t recommend anything.

2005 Ford Five Hundred AWD SEL

Have you checked with a boneyard (a junkyard, an auto parts recycler by today’s nomenclatures)?
Most today are link via the internet, sort of like a massive common inventory, and, this platform being a common one any modern boneyard should be able to locate one. I’d recommend replacing both sides to maintain balance.

Yes I have, I got to calls from them saying they show they have it in there inventory. I will give them a call back today. Thank You I’ll let you know what they say after we talk.

This kind of item is okay to buy from a junk yard.

Sometimes what I end up doing when in this situation, I remove the part and take it to the local recycler place so they can see right in front of them exactly what I need. I’ll leave it there with them, ask them to look around, see what they can find, and in a day or two they’ll usually phone me back and tell me they found one.


I’m always the pessimist . . .

Aren’t you worried the junkyard will lose your part, and then you don’t even have the sample anymore?

I’m worried, because exactly this has happened to me in the past, but not with the junkyard. I gave a sample to one of our vendors, so that they could get me the correct part. Then they lost the sample, and things got a lot more difficult.

It was only called the Five Hundred for a few years before they renamed it the Taurus without making any significant changes. You might check to see what that part is called on the generally identical Taurus. Of course, it may have been changed some. Unfortunately, this car wasn’t a big seller so it isn’t surprising parts are scarce.

FORD told me that part was for that year only, I asked them the same thing can I use the Taurus part. They said it will not fit this part is specific for that year Model.

They may just be correct, Sady, but one of our regular forum members–who is a Ford parts man–can tell us for sure!

@ken green‌ --What say you on this issue?

When I first read the post I went looking at the part numbers to see.
The 05 awd part number is in fact obsolete. No Ford dealers in my locator have any.
The 06 & 07 parts numbers are still good.
here’s the kicker.
I can’t tell the compatability without parts on the counter for a side by side looky-see. I do not stock either and never have.
They repeat the exact same diagram for all applications fwd & awd & all years.
The obsolete number was used through 12/4/05 The 06 , 07 after 12/5/05
the aftermarkets don’t list them.

I truly can not tell if the assumption, that the 06-07 will do, is true or not.

My go-to on mult line cross application is the wrecking yards ( LKQ ). They would know…might have parts…and may just be your answer.

It’s my guess that the newer 7G1Z-5560-B will work. but at 150 dollars each it’s an expensive guess.

With such a rarely needed part request , it has me wondering ;
Why do you believe you need rear coil springs replaced ?

Because I had my rear shocks replaced three times already,they kept failing. They put Monroe’s struts on. I was told that they failed because I must have bad springs. The rear of the car would not raise up. and that the stocks could not hold that kind of weight so they failed. The shop say it must be my springs. I asked are these struts for my Make of car and was told that the Monroe’s were for the 2005 Ford Five hundred. I will get a third opinion before I put out anymore money for springs. Ford said the Monroe’s are not for that car take them back and get the OEM shock absorbers for that model and the car’s rear should raise back to height. I will take it to my third opinion next week. See if they agree that it is in fact the spring or just bad struts they are installing on my car.