Can it be done?

Should I covert my 2000 Town Car from rear air suspension to standard coil springs and shocks? What are the pitfalls?

I have always found it better to stick with oem.

Usually would agree. But I hear repairs on air suspensions can be quite costly.

The shocks are the same… All you need is a pair of springs, which will easily and directly replace the airsprings. You can use salvage yard parts from a Crown Vic or Grand Marquis… or just by new coil springs for your particular car…The handy under-hood compressor must be disconnected, but it can now be used for other things like inflating tires, with a little modification…You can use the switch in the trunk to control the compressor…

And unreliable. Throwing good money after bad. Replacing the air ride with springs is a better choice. However, there may be more than simply getting springs to replace the bags, there may be some adapter required for the spring to mount on.

Thanks Caddyman and BustedKnuckles. I appreciate it. Like the idea about the compressor (unless it’s the compressor that’s gone out).

The compressor is usually located down by the steering box…It should run anytime the level sensor tells it to. There is a cut-off switch in the trunk on the left side to turn off the system when servicing the car…If one of the airsprings starts leaking, the compressor must run more and more and will finally destroy itself…Check it’s fuse…The ONLY benefit of the air-ride system is that the car rides level no matter what the load. With steel springs, when you fill up that huge trunk, the car will squat a little, but it’s no big deal…It’s hard to detect any difference in ride quality…

You can get the complete kit to replace the rear air ride suspension here.