Unhappy with 2005 Ford Five Hundred

I am so disappointed with my Ford 500. Even the Ford mechanics really do not know what the problem is because different things can cause it. My last 2 cars I have had was a Ford. However after this was my last one. I bought a 2018 Tuscon and I will never go back to Ford. I cannot even sale this Ford 500 because it jerks like running over a rough road and sometimes will just die when driving. I loved the nice ride and comfortable but if Ford does not work good it is worth nothing. I see so many people replacing throttle body, sparks plugs, transmissions on and on until after thousands of dollars spent they find something that works. It seems with all my research that the throttle body needs replaced but may still have problems. Ford needs to rectify this and do a recall on 2005 thu 2008 or however long these bad throttle body has been made. If they care about customers they will do the right thing. It is hard to find $700 for me to pay $700 for throttle body and find it only works for a little while. Ford needs to recall and fix for us

13 year old car. Ford will do nothing as most of these have been consigned to history as should yours.

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You’re not actually serious are you? Recall parts on cars that are 10-13 years old? Parts wear out as they age…

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Teresa53, You are not going to find a lot of sympathy for this problem. You say you did research but not if you actually had a mechanic look at this thing. A problem like this could happen to any brand. And why did you not just trade in the ford when you bought a new car and be done with it?

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Ford did do a recall on the throttle body. If the car jerks forward while in a drive through then you need to see if you still qualify for the replacement.

I doubt that Teresa53 even still has this thing after 3 years and it is now 16 years old.