Should I do the Subaru R&R coil springs recall or leave well-enough alone?

Got the notice:

It’s about anti corrosion coating that can chip off, particularly with off-road use, expose spring to corrosion, and in worst extreme case cause a serious break.

If I read it right the dealer service is supposed to inspect the coils for indications they might be subject to corrosion, and replace as needed. My local service manager says they’re replacing the coil springs on all that come in. His reason was "even if OK now, let’s protect against future problem.

Now my 2015 Forester has only 20,000 miles on it, and has never been off-road. If I do go off roading it’s more likely a gravel forest road type thing not bouncing over rocks. And at my age the car and our low annual mileage the car will probably outlive me.

On one hand, it’s a free deal, and arguably the new coating is better than what I have.
On the other hand, I tend to come from the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” school.
I wonder if the process of removing and replacing those coil springs can potentially be done wrong (some bolts not properly torqued, or whatever)… so why risk, say, a new mechanic screwing up my perfectly good springs and/or introducing some squeaks and rattles.

Here’s what can happen when a strut spring fails.

You decide.


It is better, it is free, and the old " if it ain’t broke " thing is nothing but a myth created by cheap people.

Just get them replaced.


The coil springs can receive stone chips while driving on paved roads.

They will inspect to see if your vehicle has the countermeasure springs, if they have not been replaced during a warranty repair they will likely need to be replaced. Look at the pictures on page 3, they have also added a plastic tubing over the spring in an area where spring to spring contact can occur during compression.

Note that this is a “Service Program” and is not registered as a recall with the NHSTA.

See all of the details in the link below;

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