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Ford escape battery

How to change battery at ford escape 2006 6 cyl.



  1. find battery
  2. unhook negative battery clamp with using a wrench
  3. unhook positive battery clamp with a wrench
  4. remove battery
  5. install new battery by reversing the procedure. Take care not to strain the terminals while attaching the clamps. Clean the clamps before installing.

Once the battery is removed from the vehicle, remove the caps from the battery if possible and check the electrolyte level in each cell. The level should be at the bottom of the collar at each cell. If the level is low, add distilled water to bring the level to the bottom of the collar.

Place a rag over the cell openings. Connect the battery charger to the battery and set the charger for a slow 2 amp charge. This ensures that the battery recieves a full charge instead of a surface charge. A surface charge occurs when a battery is charged too quickly and is depleted in a short time when a heavy load is imposed on the battery.