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2015 Ford Escape loses charge

battery does not keep charge despite being fully charged

Well , that is a problem . Do you plan to do anything about finding out why ?

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How high is the draw when the car is off?
How well is the charging system functioning?
Is this a five year old battery?

The title of this section is “ask someone who owns one”.
I guess that really means we are to ask the questions based on a very short statement by the original poster.


Top of the line Interstate Battery is less than a year old and the battery checks out with full amperage as does the alternator.

Your statements are contradictory. You claim the battery won’t keep a charge and at the same time say it is fully charged?

We cannot know what is in your mind, only what you post.

Sorry for the confusion the battery shows it’s fully charged at a local service dacility. Within 4 hours the car doesn’t start and I had to use my jump box. Apparently there’s a parasitic draw on power / the national service center in taking it to Ford tomorrow;(