Changing battery

And how to change battery at ford escape 2001 6 cyl?

Go to Autozone, and they will install for free.

I have to tell you a story about my dad, the common response is if he can’t do it with the red screwdriver, call a pro. We were living in Duluth MN, he would back the car into the garage. It was the days of manual garage doors. Someone stole the battery. He bought a new battery and got the terminals and posts reversed and in an attempt to make it go on, by use of a hammer managed to pound the post through the bottom of the battery. After that he decided not to back in to the garage, so as not to get the new battery stolen the repair company put in, then someone stole the snow tires off the rear of the car.

So will Pep Boys, Discount Auto Parts, and many other auto parts stores. However, the last time I let an auto parts store employee install a battery in my car, I was not happy with the work. The nuts that hold the bracket that holds the battery were left loose.

Usually this is a simple job. You unhook the cables from the terminals, usually the negative terminal first, and then the positive terminal. Then you remove the bracket that holds the battery in place. After that the battery should easily come out. Then you reverse the process, being very careful to hook up the cables to the correct terminals.

If you decide to let an auto parts store employee install your new battery, check to make sure everyting is tight afterwards.

how has the Escape been otherwise?Like it?

Is using Autozone,Pep Boys,etc for battery changes any better than using Jiffy for oil changes?,remember when you use a parts store to do mechanical work you are not getting the services of a mechanic.

Some cars require air induction components,fender bracing removal (like GM U-body Vans) some, some cars require gymnastics to get the battery out ,(like GM full size vans) you can really make some big mistakes simply changing a battery.

That’s a good point. At least Pep Boys has mechanics to do the job.