Ford e350 extended 2000, 5.4l NO POWER AT ALL!

Hi please help me find out the problem, i got 2000 e350 ford and one night i get back home after work turn off the engine and next day just didn’t have power at all, i check battery and battery is good, i put even a new battery but nothing happened, Even when i put plus and negative it was no sparks ( usually when u put battery you can see some spark but not in my case) also i check all fuses all of them in good shape. I didn’t check relays cuz i don’t know how to do it. But when i check power lines on starter it’s sparks which is mean i got power to starter but inside outside, headlights, emergency flashing lights non of them working, also i thought it’s ignition switch and i replaced but still got the same problem. Please help me what else i can do. Thx

Also i put some wire and closed negative and plus and i turn on the engine from starter ( i don’t know how to explain, but you do the same thing if you wanna still car i hope you got it what i’m talking about) so i start the car and it was noise like starter keep running like starter when it’s get a signal it’s going up and when car engine started is going back. So in my case it’s never go back it’s just keep going so i had like running engine and starter keep going to. And when i turn on the engine everything start working like headlights inside lights and outside… Which is mean my ecu works… So any ideas?

First…the wire that you installed to run the starter, right from the battery, must be removed as soon as the engine starts. You would let off on the key and allow the ignition to go to the "Run "position which would open that circuit for the starter. You need to do the same with that wire. Also the engine will not keep running unless there is power coming out of the ignition.
THe wire that you installed will only power the starter itself.

But your problem is most likely a ground cable.

Pull both cable clamps off the battery and clean the terminals and the posts. Leave the cables off until you are finished with this entire routine.
Then follow the ground to the end farthest from the battery. REmove that connection and clean the area where it’s attached at the engine block and clean the terminal to remove any corrosion or rust that may be hindering the connection. Reinstall that ground back on the block.
REmove the large positive wire at the starter and clean that too. Also there will be a smaller wire for the ignition to the starter. Remove and clean that connection also.

Now you can reattach the battery cables.

THen look for a braided uninsulated ground cable at the fire wall. It will run from the firewall/body to the enging block. Remove and clean both of those connections.
Reconnect and now all the electrical at the battery can be eliminated as the broblem.

You could still have a bad battery or did you take it somewhere and have it tested under load.


Sounds like the fusible link might be toast. And have you checked the fuses?
I’m afraid I don’t have access to a location diagram for your vehicle. You might want to pick up a repair manual or search the internet.

You can sign up to to get your schematics. Sounds like a blown fusible link, but I would check all fuses for engine power.

The dealer’s parts window might be able to provide an exploded view drawing that shows the locations of the fusible link and of other fuses.