1987 Ford F250 no power

It had sat for 15 years until 3 years ago when it was resurrected with a used 460 or 7.5 engine. From sitting outside for so many years I did have an electrical problem when I would use the head lights or signal lights it would cause the gauges. Never did figure out the electrical problem.

I drive this truck less then 200 miles per year. I was parked last Nov. and had no problem starting. This May I put a battery in it, 2 different batteries were tried and the battery connections were cleaned. It will not turn over it will not even click, the lights will not go on, the fan does not work, basically there is no power but the red little battery sign on the dash. The solenoid is on the side next to the battery. If I jump it, the truck will fire if I put gas in the carb. The fuel pump also is not kicking in, neither pumps, so it will not keep running.

A friend suggested I check the ground from body to frame. I will be looking at that, but are there any other suggestions if that is not the problem? Grounding issue, relay or fuse blown?

if jumping the solenoid will start the engine, then I would say the issue is in between that solenoid and the ignition switch- or the ignition switch period.

Check if the fusible link to the ignition switch has blown.


Would that cause everything to have no power?

where is this fusible link

Fusible links look like a normal piece of wire. A friend of mine had the same trouble with his '86 Ford some years ago. The bad link was tied to the battery connection. When links burn out the middle of the wire burns out due to the resistance in the wire. That section of the wire becomes more flexible so you can tell it is bad without doing any testing. The wire may be green in color but I’m not sure.