Ford control relay module part number


The CCRM on my 97 Ford Taurus is bad and my AC won’t work. A new one costs over $200. I found one at a salvage yard off a 98 taurus but it has a different part number (it is also an aftermarket part and does not have the Ford logo on it). Can I plug it in and try it or would that be bad??


I don’t see that it would hurt. Those modules also control the cooling fans and fuel pump circuits.

You might look real closely at the wire connector and pins on that module. I’ve seen a few of them that were corroded and worn due to heat. The pins are very tiny for controlling items that draw a lot of current. This means they can overheat, which in turn causes corrosion and a bad contact.

If that connector is held on with an 8mm bolt, try unscrewing it 3 or 4 turns, pull the plug out a bit, and wiggle it around slightly with the key on. Note if you hear any relays clicking in there. If so, the problem may be in the connection rather than the module itself.

Hope that helps.


I should have added. This is assuming the module has been properly diagnosed as being the problem and the A/C is not inoperative due to a low refrigerant charge, faulty pressure switch, mode switch, compressor clutch, etc.


Thanks. And yes, I did have a mechanic check my A/C system. Also, the CCRM on my car has a big letter A on it and the replacement I found has a letter V.