Heater problems

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus 6 cyclinder 3.0 engine with 129000 miles on it. I am having a heater problem which no one, including Ford dealer, can’t solve. I have had the radiator flushed 2 times thinking maybe it was clogged. All heat direction controls on dashboard are working. The air conditioner is also working. It starts off with minimal heat and then turns cold within minutes. I shut off the control for about 5 minutes, turn it back on and bingo minimal heat comes. Then it turns cold again within a few minutes. Repeating the above is what I am getting for now. STUMPED?? Can anyone help us?

If your engine is not overheating, then the rad flush didn’t plug it up, so…

That would lead me to suspect either a collapsed heater hose or a plugged heater core. (possibly the latter)

Does this vehicle have a heater coolant shut off valve? If so, ensure the valve is open.

When the engine is up to operating temperature, feel the two heater hoses. They are supposed to both be hot to the touch.

You claim the ‘heat directional controls’ are working. How do you know the blend door is in fact working?

Perhaps you should locate a reputable independent tech/shop. Ask your friends/neighbors/coworkers,etc. for a recommendation.

If the heater core is plugged and you can’t unplug it by back-flushing, be prepared for big repair bill. The part is cheap, but there is a LOT of labor involved.

Yes, on my Ford Granada (may it rest in peace!), the whole dasboard had to come apart to install a $35 core, the bill was very high with 5 hours labor.