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This vehicle does not have a C.C.R.M., cranks & will not start!

On the way home, battery light comes on, the engine died. Cranks , “service soon” on, NO codes, has new fuel filter (100 miles ago)& 3/4 tank of gas, spark at plugs. Your opinion(s) appreciated. Thanks.

What is a CCRM?

What year and engine?
How many miles?
Is there fuel getting into the cylinders?


C - constant
C - control
R - relay
M - module

Older Taurus’ had them. A black box about 4x4x1.5 that had relays inside for many functions like cooling fan, fuel pump, a/c, etc.

The CCRM is the constant control relay module. I couldn’t describe it in detail but it acts as a relay for multiple items like AC, fuel pump, cooling fan…

You need to find out - a) if your fuel pump is running and if so, b) if your injectors have power. The best thing to do for the fuel pump is put a pressure gauge on it. You can at least turn the key to on/no crank and listen for the 2-3 sec hum of the fuel pump. For the injectors, they make a fairly audible & regular click when they are operating. That would require someone to crank while you listen & I believe that w/ the engine just cranking but not running the injectors won’t keep firing - only right at the beginning of cranking.

Thanks to you all for reponding to my post.
No whirling/humming from the fuel tank (fuel pump pressurizing, key on).
I checked all fuses and relays. All okay.
I removed the core from the fuel rail pressure checkpoint. Zero pressure.
I conclude the fuel pump needs replaced. Anyone who knows the cost of replacement, please post. Thank you.

It sounds a little like GM’s technique with the quad driver setup perhaps? Or is this just a box that relays plug into?

If the “service engine soon” light is on when the engine is running, there MUST be codes. The light exists to tell you that there are trouble codes set.

So the battery light came on and the engine died. Sounds like the alternator quit. Does the engine crank and not start? Have you checked to see if the fuel pump is running? Electrons are cheap—you can describe the problem a little more if you want.

1998 Ford Taurus, 3.0 OHVC, 6 cylinders
90,000 miles
no fuel into cylinders

I’d check for power at the fuel pump connector before deciding that it is the fuel pump.
Did you check the IFS (inertia fuel shutoff) switch to make sure it wasn’t triggered?

It could be that the engine died and that’s what turned the battery light on. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which happened first.
I would also suspect that the check engine light is on only because it is supposed to be on anytime the key is in the run position but the engine isn’t running.

My OBD-II says there are NO codes.
I was looking under the hood and found a loose vacuum hose. Tightened up, the check engine light goes off now. Still does not start.

Checked the IFS, was not triggered. Thanks.

It won’t start b/c the fuel pump isn’t running. You do need to find out whether power is getting to the pump. If it is then you probably just need to replace the pump.

I’m pretty sure that means dropping the gas tank on this car, so unless you’re feeling ambitious its likely time to just start calling around for estimates.