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Vacuum Senser Sealed Unit Ford Taurus 1999

Recently experiencec AC flow problem of switching between defroster output and direct flow on Driver. Question was aswered as probable vacuum leak or switch problem. Ford says problem is sealed sensor unit under dash and is a $500 parts charge for a total for $817 diagnosis, part and replace. Is this reasonable

It’s possible that it is a leak inside the climate control module, but it is more likely to be the vacuum check valve or a leak where the tubing connects to the climate control.
Did they really do diagnosis on this, or is it a guess after looking at it for five minutes?

Have no way of knowing if it was a true diagnosis or not. Can only assume it was. Question was it this part that expensive and is the total price of $817.00 a reasonable price if it is the sealed sensor under the dash?
Don Ho

Now Local Ford Dealer Central Ford is telling me that part is no longer made or available and they cannot order one. I asked what I should do. They indicate I should try to purchase one at a junk yard. Any help out there.


There’s no “sealed sensor” under the dash related to climate control and vacuum. I can only assume they are talking about the climate control module itself (The part with the display and buttons.) If this is the auto climate control, then the price is reasonable for a new unit. The manual type would be cheaper. However, you should be able to get the auto climate control module from a junk yard for much much less. (These modules rarely fail, so one from the junk yard is not much risk.)

Please get from them the exact name of the part. “Sealed sensor” won’t get you very far at the junk yard.

I requested the part number from Central Ford Richardson, Texas where I took it to be serviced and they indicated that the sealed unit is called a UAC Controller part
number F8DZ18C612-AA. I guess a junk yard is my last resort. I haven’t queried the internet to see if there is a secondary market in used parts, however; that will be my next approach. The dealer indicated that parts for a 10 year old Taurus were at a premium cause the junk yards were the only supplier. Next car for me will be a Toyota Camry. This is my second and last Ford, and especially last Taurus.


“Next car for me will be a Toyota Camry.”

Hate to break it to you, but if the same thing (odd climate control part that very, very rarely fails) on a 10 year old Camry would be no picnic to get either.

ya, Circuitsmith, I guess I am just making noise to hear myself. However, since you read about this problem and the response from Central Ford Richardson, to your knowledge, is their a part called a Concealed Control (UAC Control) part number F8DZ18C612-AA under the dash of a 1999 Ford Taurus. Or am i chasing a dead end by continuing to get as much detail about this repair as possible before I spend a great deal of money on dead end streets.
Your response and any knowledge you may have about this part would be very much appreciated by an old codger who knows little or nothing about AC units.

Regards to you