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Ford contact assistance needed

Looking for a good contact for the Ford Corporate Office. I have written to Ford Motor Company PO Box on there website but never got a response. I have tire issue on 2017 Ford Edge that needs to be addressed. Went to the dealer about the tire problem and they told me to pound sand. Picked up a nail while on the freeway that caused a side wall blow out of the tire and new vehicle had less than 500 miles on it. Dealer offered me a new tire at full cost where I bought the vehicle. Had the tire replaced at tire store chain for less than the dealer offer. It ain’t right !

In what way is it Ford’s fault that you ran over a nail?

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You should have a separate warranty booklet for your tires from the tire manufacturer but it will not include road hazard.

No response because you do not have a valid complaint.

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Your tires are warrantied by the tire manufacturer, not by Ford. The tires are warrantied against manufacturer defect, not damage by driving over debris in the road.

You run over a nail, you pay for the tire patch or tire replacement. Simple as that. Ford has nothing to do with this.

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Yup, every new car has a separate tire warranty card with clear instructions to deal with the tire company for any tire issues. Nothing to do with Ford. You picked up a nail and ruined a tire so just replace it and be happy with any assistance the tire company provides.

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Sorry to hear that you ran over a nail, but the I agree with the others. Ford doesn’t warranty the tires. The tire manufacturer does. Unfortunately, they likely won’t warranty damage from a nail. If there’s a bright side of things to look at, at least you only had 500 miles worth of wear on the other tires, so there shouldn’t be a significant difference in the cars handling or how it feels as you drive

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Are those your words (pound sand) or theirs?
That certainly isn’t a good way to deal with customers.

When you failed to look up the tire warranty in the information provided to you with the new vehicle, did anybody at the dealer try and help you understand your warranty coverage?

Were you polite in discussing this or were you spoiling for a fight?

This would be a good time to read through the remainder of the warranty coverage on this vehicle so that you don’t have more problems misunderstanding owner responsibility.


lots of wisdom in this advice.

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As posted above, I doubt Ford has any contractual obligation due to flat tires caused by nails. Even on brand new vehicles. But Ford should still contact you about your inquiry and offer an explanation. Shame on them if they didn’t. My Ford truck’s owner’s manual has a lengthy list of Ford regional customer service centers and suggests the one that services the area where you live is who to contact about something like this. But this was written back in the 1970’s, so things may have changed. OP, look in the owner’s manual, see if there is a list of Ford customer service centers by locale.

While it would have been nice for the Ford dealer to have extended some good will, they are under no obligation to do so.


It’s been my experience that vehicle manufacturers tend to defer to the dealership when dealing with these types of issues.

But to answer the OP’s question: The best contact is the local Ford District Service Manager. Ask the dealer for his contact information. Besides, I’ll bet Ford Corporate forwarded the letter to him anyway - because he would be the guy to handle this!


Any questions about tire warranties is in your owners manual.

As for contacting FOMOCO for an answer, I will just say don’t hold your breath waiting for even a hint of an answer to a question.
What they will likely (and repeatedly…) do is to tell you to contact the Ford dealer in your area.

A few years ago a Ford dealer here gave me a line of BS about only flushing auto transmission fluid and NEVER changing the filter or cleaning the pan. “Not in 15 years have we…” according to them.

I politely emailed Ford 3 or 4 times asking a benign question of whether FOMOCO recommends this type of procedure. The only thing they would say is to talk to the Ford dealer who spouted this BS.
“Our network of highly trained and skilled Ford dealership technicians will be glad to answer any questions you may have”.

Here’s what GM seems to say about transmission flushing.

The use of external transmission fluid exchange or flush machines is not recommended for the automatic or manual transmission. Use of external machines to replace the fluid may affect the operation and durability of the transmission. Transmission fluid should only be replaced by draining and refilling following procedures in Service Information.”

TSB #04-06-01-029G
September 27, 2012

Yeah that’s pretty much what the shop I use says. They’ve done 3 or 4 overhauls for me and totally honest. Just drop the pan and change the filter and look for any issues. They even say 60K but I do 30K instead.

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Do you get a free tire with a transmission service?

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They do my tires but all I’ll let them do on my transmission is shift it when they pull it in the bay.

In addition to the wisdom that was already provided, I have to wonder if the OP thinks that body damage from a collision would also be the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer. After all, what is the ultimate difference between the OP’s tire colliding with a nail vs his fender colliding with…let’s say…a utility pole? :smirk:

The OP REALLY needs to…
…open his glove compartment
…take out the booklet detailing all of the warranties
…READ the actual details of those warranties



VDCdriver brings up an interesting point.

My experience is that there are people out there who think that anytime they buy something, it ought to work perfectly - and for a long time. This applies to new stuff as well as used things. I had a guy want me to pay for a new radiator on a car I sold him a month before.

There are also people who believe that if they didn’t break it, they shouldn’t have to pay to fix it. A flat tire would fall into this category.

Then there is the guy who is always trying to get something for nothing. I could go on and on.

IIRC, a few years ago we had a post from someone complaining that the dealership denied warranty coverage for scratches and chips that appeared on his car’s paint a few months after purchase.

One more comment. Puncturing a tire at 70 MPH will likely destroy any tire by the time you get the vehicle to a stop. Happened to me.
Last time I picked up a nail was at low speed, slow leak. I pumped up the tire, went to my dealer (same distance as any tire store).
20 minutes later, “Greg, your car is ready.” I started to head to the cashier, was informed by my service writer no charge! This was for an internal patch, not a plug.